The suitability of the sports ground is of great importance both in terms of performance and for preventing sports injuries. Sporting movements can sometimes become very complex and require highly coordinated ability, as in the case of dual battles in football. During these movements, our feet apply force to the ground from different angles. Depending on the friction coefficient and the type and shape of the material used in the floor and shoe sole, the floor may either become extremely slippery or be excessively firm both of which can cause various injuries. For those footballers who regularly play on natural grass, playing on a surface they’re not accustomed to can cause adaptation problems damaging their technique and even leading to serious injuries. For example, if a footballer wants to turn abruptly with most of his weight on one foot according to his body position, if the friction between the synthetic floor and the shoe is too high, the foot cannot get off the ground, causing serious injury to the knee or ankle. The cleanliness and hygiene of synthetic lawns is another issue that should be considered.