Massage is a very effective passive resting method, although not as much as active resting. Massage which has been practiced by many civilizations such as ancient China and ancient Egypt for centuries is divided into different categories. Classical Swedish massage is the most common across the world. Apart from this, aromatherapy with fragrant oils, especially reflexology by applying pressure to the nerve endings at the soles of the feet and at various points of the body, thai massage where stretching manipulations are predominantly applied are some of the kinds of massage applied for passive resting purposes which are thought to be effective. Sports massage, on the other hand, is a separate area that needs to be addressed. Sports massage is applied in three different ways: before, during and after the competition or training. Pre-competition and inter-massage manipulations are more likely to involve muscles and nerve endings and percussion techniques, whereas post-competition massage should consist of angerage (patting) and vibration (vibration) movements, which are predominantly relaxing and calming manipulations. These are applied by a masseur, who is a medical staff member, and they should be applied according to the physical, conditional and competitive state and situation of the patient or athlete.