No food alone is a miracle to reduce body fat, but some plants found in nature help to reduce body fat by accelerating the passage of fatty acids into the blood and increasing metabolic rate. There is strong evidence that cabbage helps to reduce body fat, triggering the mechanism of biotransformation (a series of biochemical reactions necessary for the removal of toxic substances in the body). When taking medication, it is emphasized by experts that grapefruit should not be eaten (due to the delicate and psoralen substances). If your daily energy consumption is less than the energy you get from foods, your body fat mass will increase after a certain period of time. But this increase may be less in people with high metabolic rate and more in people with low metabolic rate. People with high body muscle mass have higher metabolism rates. Weight lost by dieting only and without exercise will probably be regained to an even higher level after the diet is completed. Strict diets applied from time to time will lead to a reduction in the body’s potential sources of energy, fats and carbohydrates, but it is highly likely that the body will perceive this as a problem and will tend to substitute the depleted energy stores after the diet breaks down with the logic that it might encounter the same crisis again. Instead of strict diets made during certain periods, it is necessary to improve eating habits and make it a lifestyle with exercise. With certain foods, we can accelerate the passage of body fats from our fat cells into the blood, but the fact that these fatty acids coming to our muscles through blood is not burned through exercise will not prevent them from circulating in the blood and returning to our fat cells. It is also known that certain substances that result from rapid weight loss increase the risk of cancer.