A cup of coffee taken before aerobic exercise (extensive exercises of moderate intensity) can help transfer fatty acids from our fat cells into the blood, contributing to the burning of body fat. However, caffeine should not be preferred by people with cardiovascular disorders and high blood pressure. Because caffeine is known to increase blood pressure by causing changes in hemodynamics (cardiovascular and blood flow dynamics). If caffeine is taken and aerobic exercise is not done, it will not work, since the fat passing into the blood is not burned by the muscles will return to fat cells. On the other hand, excessive coffee consumption can increase cellulite formation. If caffeine is taken before sleep, it may deteriorate the quality of sleep and decrease the quality of life since the body will be rested less during sleep .Quality sleep is important not only for athletes but also for sedentaries (non-athletes). It is also important to avoid eating late and going to bed immediately. Otherwise the body fat ratio will increase and sleeping with a full stomach may cause discomfort. Another nutritional ergogenic adjuvant that helps to reduce the body fat preferred by some athletes is conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). There is also evidence that white cabbage reduces body fat. You should also drink a small bottle of mineral water, especially on days when you think you are sweating. This way, athletes can recover the minerals they have lost through sweat. These minerals are also very important in terms of muscle contraction mechanisms and prevention of cramps.