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Synthetic Grounds

The suitability of the sports ground is of great importance both in terms of performance and for preventing sports injuries. Sporting movements can sometimes become very complex and require highly coordinated ability, as in the case of dual battles in football. During these movements, our feet apply force to the ground from different angles. Depending […]

Genetic Factors in Talent Selection

One of the requirements for achieving success in sports is the selection of talents at an early age, and the training of children in accordance with their interests and abilities and in the light of scientific methods. Genetic predisposition is one of the most important factors to be considered for selection. Just as our genes […]

Role of Metabolism Rate in Weight Control

Some people are very prone to gain weight, while others find it very difficult to gain weight. Although the calories taken from foods and how much of these calories are taken from fats, carbohydrates and proteins are important, our daily activity and metabolic rate are also important factors in the regulation of body fat. If […]

Miraculous Plants

No food alone is a miracle to reduce body fat, but some plants found in nature help to reduce body fat by accelerating the passage of fatty acids into the blood and increasing metabolic rate. There is strong evidence that cabbage helps to reduce body fat, triggering the mechanism of biotransformation (a series of biochemical […]

Passive Resting and Massage

Massage is a very effective passive resting method, although not as much as active resting. Massage which has been practiced by many civilizations such as ancient China and ancient Egypt for centuries is divided into different categories. Classical Swedish massage is the most common across the world. Apart from this, aromatherapy with fragrant oils, especially […]

Does Spleen Swell?

In order to have a quality training or to have good competition efficiency, nutrition is just as important as exercising. However, the digestion times will differ based on the ingredients of our foods. For example, meat is one of the hardest foods to digest and if the fat content is high, the digestion time will […]

Caffeine and Exercise

A cup of coffee taken before aerobic exercise (extensive exercises of moderate intensity) can help transfer fatty acids from our fat cells into the blood, contributing to the burning of body fat. However, caffeine should not be preferred by people with cardiovascular disorders and high blood pressure. Because caffeine is known to increase blood pressure […]

Training under high temperatures

The human body has the ability to adapt to different environmental conditions, called acclimatization. However, there is a limit to our organism’s ability to adapt to such situations. Hot weather conditions lead to physiological changes in our bodies. These are mostly defense mechanisms for protection. Body temperature is normally between 36.6 and 37.2°C and this […]